All Rachelment (RMTL) pieces are carefully curated with a modern muse in mind, staying away from trends and focusing on timeless, easy to enjoy and style, understated jewelry. While there is a huge focus on design and curation, the integrity of materials is at the forefront of the brand. RMTL believes in the power of transparency when it comes to materials being in contact with your skin. RMTL proudly makes jewelry that is safe for sensitive skin, and will never make your skin green.

RMTL core collection pieces (everything except for the waterproof jewelry) are made with high-grade Sterling Silver and plated in genuine gold with a layer of organic e-coating to lock in the shine. All stones are cubic zirconia. They are all water and tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic, and will never make your skin green. Our waterproof jewelry collection is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and genuine gold. These pieces are considered safe for sensitive skin types, water and tarnish proof, and will also never make your skin green.

Luxury is built into the foundation of the brand, so you can expect high quality jewelry every time you place an order with Rachelment. All pieces are selected to meet specific standards and special attention is always paid to craftsmanship and the small details. Manufacturers are vetted and carefully worked with in order to align the high-quality vision with the jewelry you get to wear and enjoy every day.

The boutique experience at Rachelment is unique in that you can expect not only assistance with placing your order and handling your inquiries, but also with styling tips and so much more.
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