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Refresh your jewelry collection with 60+ styles starting at just $50.
Refresh your jewelry collection with 60+ styles starting at just $50.
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1 Year Warranty FOR all ORDERS

Because we're confident about our quality.

We’re Safe for Sensitive Skin



High-grade Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel are our speciality, with a generous layer of genuine gold plating that prioritizes your skin health, no exceptions.

No Pigmentation

No Pigmentation

Made with only the top grade metals known for their anti-pigmentation properties ensuring your skin never turns green and is always free from discoloration.

life proof

life proof

Our jewelry is made to live in: all of our pieces are water and tarnish resistant while still maintaining their integrity to last through the years.

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I buy jewelry from RMTL all the time! First time needing to make an exchange, and the support was so quick to assist. The jewelry is beautiful! Will definitely continue supporting this brand!

Maria M.

I have sensitive skin so it has been so hard to find nice jewelry that is not so expensive, but RMTL solved this for me. I've never had such a good experience online shopping from anywhere, but their customer service was fantastic. I'll be coming back for more!!

Claire W.

RMTL is an amazing company with excellent products and customer service. Finding both of the latter these days is difficult to come across, and I truly appreciate their prompt responses and true pride in their product line.

Rani R.

I spent years looking for a jewelry brand that not only won’t turn my skin green, but also has an appeal of elevated luxury. I now have seven rings and counting and get constant compliments!

Irina B.

A majority of my jewelry is from RMTL and I am absolutely obsessed! I receive compliments and questions on my rings all the time and I get so excited to share where they are from.

Karen L.

The best jewelry, and even better customer service.

Eddie S.

The new definition
of luxury

We’re making luxury approachable with timeless, superior craftsmanship that never compromises on quality. Set your own standards, and become your own muse with RMTL jewelry.

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