Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Please feel free to submit additional questions by reaching out to us via email at or by submitting a comment at the end of this page.


Question: What is RMTL jewelry made of?

Answer: Most of our pieces are Demi-Fine (Gold-plated Sterling Silver) or Stainless Steel with PVD plating. Everything is finished with organic e-coating to protect your skin, as well as the jewelry.


QuestionWhat is the best way to hear about new launches or updates from the brand?

Answer: Sign up for our mailing list, we announce everything on there!


Question: Will RMTL jewelry turn my skin green?

Answer: No green skin, ever.


Question: Is RMTL jewelry safe for sensitive skin?

Answer: All of our pieces are considered safe for sensitive skin. 


Question: How do I know my size?

Answer: Check out our ring sizing page for all the details on how to size yourself at home. 


Question: Does everything eventually get restocked?

Answer: We believe in the power of exclusivity so many things will not be restocked once sold out to make room for newer styles and designs. We also believe in small-batch production to fortify the quality of our jewelry. If there is high demand for a restock, we will announce it via email so make sure you sign up to get our newsletters!


Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes, we offer international shipping services via DHL and UPS. Follow your cart to checkout and your options will appear!


Question: How often are new items added to the collection?

Answer: You can expect new drops throughout the year!


Question: What are your order processing and shipping speeds?

Answer: Order processing is normally 2 business days (Monday-Friday). We currently offer a range of shipping speeds, anywhere from 1-5 business days for domestic orders and 2-7 days for international.


Question: What is the best way to contact you about questions on my order?

Answer: Email is the best way to contact us. Our email is


Question: Where should I store my RMTL jewelry?

Answer: Your jewelry is best stored in a soft, lined jewelry box. The RMTL box is available for purchase for only $5.00 and also comes complimentary with all orders $200+. Be sure to keep your jewelry out of extreme conditions like cold, heat or humidity.


Question: How can I clean my RMTL jewelry?

Answer: You may use your RMTL jewelry care cloth which comes with every order for the occasional touch up. For a deeper clean, feel free to use gentle soap and lukewarm water or a sterling silver/gold jewelry cleaner solution.


Question: What are best practices for taking care of my RMTL pieces?

Answer: Avoid harsh chemicals (perfumes, sprays, household supplies, saltwater, etc) coming in contact with your pieces. Store them in a soft lined jewelry box or pouch, and avoid excessive heat or humidity. Be sure to thoroughly dry them if you choose to get them wet. The more you take care of them, the longer they will last!

Other questions? Feel free to send us an email at We're happy to chat!