the Founder's first name


suffix meaning a way of doing things


RACHELMENT was founded in 2018 by Rachel G., a woman who is truly inspired by the power of personal identity. She followed her dreams of starting a brand amidst her doctoral studies and only a few short years later, her brand has been featured in top magazines such as Forbes and Harpers Bazaar. RACHELMENT is owned and operated by Rachel alone with no investors or financial contributors. 
The experience of shopping at RACHELMENT is extremely personal. Rachel has not only built the user experience from A-Z, but she is also behind all customer service communications, all social media pages, and she even packages and ships all of the orders! The personal, small business boutique feel is something Rachel's values and knowledge set her apart from other brands. 
Since launching, RACHELMENT has gained the love and satisfaction from over 10,000+ customers and has built a team with independent female content creators, marketers, and public relations managers. Working with woman who know, care, and are knowledgable about jewelry is a key component of how team members are selected. While RACHELMENT is a small business, all clients and customers are given a 5-star experience from start to finish. Join the family and experience RACHELMENT for yourself! 


Please feel free to connect with Rachel personally by sending us a direct message on any social media platform @rachelment!