Rachelment The Label (RMTL) is a Los Angeles based boutique jewelry brand made for the modern muse. The brand mission is to redefine the standards of luxury jewelry. We aim to provide women with jewelry they can wear all year long, as a reflection of their own personal style and never according to trends. After all, there’s no need to follow trends when you are your own muse.
With modern luxury built into the foundation of the brand, RMTL lives and breathes raising the standards of the jewelry industry. The jewelry is safe for sensitive skin: hypoallergenic, water and tarnish resistant, and no pigmentation, ever. RMTL makes luxury approachable with timeless, superior craftsmanship that never compromises on quality. 

The founder of RMTL, Rachel, has always been fascinated by the power of a muse: someone to admire, look towards, and aspire to be like. Growing up, she didn’t have many muses. It was difficult for Rachel to find someone she admired deeply enough to call her muse. This turned her inward and tested her creativity for most of her formative years. Fast forward through a Master's in Psychology and moving onto a doctorate, Rachel began a new hobby: hand-making jewelry.  

She always wore the same few pieces of jewelry since she was on a budget and always had sensitive skin, so Rachel decided to source the materials herself and make special, one of a kind pieces she could wear and call her own. Soon enough, it seemed she became a muse herself. Her friends and family were constantly asking where her pieces were from, and she even gifted them to her loved ones as well. Rachel soon decided to follow her heart and close the book on her doctoral studies to pursue her dream of starting a jewelry brand as a self-taught designer and entrepreneur.

The inspiration behind RMTL is two-fold. On one hand, it is heavily and deeply inspired by a modern muse. A modern muse is someone who sets the standard for you, inspires you, and makes you wonder where she gets her style and sense from. On the other hand, the jewelry industry desperately needs some transparency. High designers are selling jewelry for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, and most people don’t even know what they are made of. RMTL bridges the gap in the industry with high quality jewelry you can afford to love, without compromising on materials.

Since 2019, RMTL has been admired by jewelry lovers worldwide and recognized by the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, QP Magazine, and more. The brand's success is a testament to Rachel’s vision and dedication to creating jewelry that celebrates women's individuality and style. As a brand, Rachelment hosts a team of talented women from the manufacturing down to the marketing and day to day operations. RMTL takes immense pride in having a tight-knit team to make sure they can in turn provide a seamless and boutique-like experience for their clients. The collection pieces are carefully curated with a modern muse in mind, staying away from trends and focusing on timeless, easy to enjoy and style, and understated jewelry. The jewelry is designed to be versatile and easy to style, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a chic touch to your everyday look.

But Rachelment is more than just a jewelry brand. It's a community of individuals who share a passion for aesthetics, self-expression, and soft luxury. The brand's social media channels are filled with inspiring images of women wearing the jewelry, sharing their stories and celebrating their unique style. The brand also hosts giveaways, events, and pop-ups that bring women together to share their love for jewelry and network with other muses alike. Rachel is constantly showing up the world of Rachelment as she takes great pride in running a boutique-style brand.

Rachelment has created a space between fashion and fine jewelry, where jewelry lovers can feel confident in selecting timeless pieces from their curated collection and ultimately becoming their own muse.