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  • Skylar

    Besides having the greatest jewelry, they have the greatest team. They solved an issue I had so quickly within a couple hours and was so helpful during the process. love my jewelry thank you!!

  • Genevieve Taylor

    So glad I decided to invest into luxury jewelry. It is so worth it. Rachelment doesn’t break the bank and their pieces are so timeless, I’ll have them forever while still being in the greatest condition!

  • Lmack

    This brand provides top notch customer service. I received my order quickly and everything that I ordered was super cute! Will definitely order more in the future!

  • Jasmine

    I’ve been wanting to invest in luxury jewelry but didn’t know where to start, thankfully I found this brand and fell in love. I’ve read only great things about this brand. So excited to receive all my pieces.

  • Arielle Porat

    Absolutely stellar customer service- some of the best I’ve experienced with any brand big or small. The jewelry of course is amazing and perfect for fashionistas without a baller budget!

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