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  • Jaidy Laon

    Great pieces for affordable prices. I can finally look pretty and elegant and not break my bank or harm my skin. As someone with sensitive skin, I can assure you that Rachelment uses safe materials. Highly recommend!!

  • Daniella Sons

    Rachelment is the best experience I have had with jewelry. The customer service is amazing and fast shipping. They helped me pick out a couple different pieces and they are my favorite to wear.

  • Pauline Baks

    I have always been a jewelry girl, but I hated the green skin and prices. Finally found what I was missing, no green skin EVER and affordable. I love the pieces from here, I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. Amazing quality and beautiful designs. The Queen Ring looks like a real diamond. Highly recommend!

  • Makayla

    Obsessed with Rachelment. I have made 3 orders in the past month, and I am loving everything I ordered. The Hailey Earrings and Eila Ring have got to be my favorites. Love this brand so much!

  • Darya Rad

    The quality of Rachelment is just wow. I wear all my pieces in the shower and on vacation, and they still look good as new. My go-to jewelry for everyday and for any event. Love it here! :)

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