Who We Are

RACHELMENT was founded by Rachel G., a woman deeply inspired by the power of personal identity. Showing up as who you are, personally and without simply following trends, is instrumental in our identities. “We are all at our best when we’re ourselves,” she states. While we all have, for the most part, the same features, we are all unique and have something to offer as individuals. Your jewelry says a lot about you- and Rachel believes it portrays some of your best sides. Your desire to be unique; your pleasure in others inquiring about your style; the way you gift yourself; and your subtle ways of making statements. 

RACHELMENT, like its namesake, aspires to build a legacy and create a style that is unmistakably distinct. Inspired by the strong women before her who created a style of their own, Rachel lives her life similarly; as a unique, strong, and powerful woman. RACHELMENT aspires to bring that to every woman's life, and create trendsetters with a unique identity. We believe that people feel more confident when they do what they can to be themselves. There are two types of people - those who create their own mystery, and those who are enamored by it. Our brand is geared towards those who are looking to create mystery, and want to be the subject of the question, “where did she get that?”

We are also uniquely positioned to give those who are intrigued by the mystery to create their own and be THAT woman. With RACHELMENT, they are able to put something on and instantly feel the attention- and now experience the sum of the mystery.

You will notice that the pieces RACHELMENT carries are on the dainty, understated side. This is, of course, on purpose. Rachel believes that you don’t need to be flashy to make a statement… you just simply need to make one.

The ease of selecting jewelry that you know will stand out and make them wonder is the essence behind our hashtag, #maintainyourmystery. The premise behind this comes from the imagery of a highly desirable woman who has her own style; a style so prominent that it makes people think, “I need her jewelry.”

While more mainstream jewelry companies pride themselves in simple sterling silver pieces, RACHELMENT takes this to the next level. On top of every sterling silver piece, is a genuine layer of thick 14-18kt gold. On top of the gold is a layer of organic e-coating which locks in the gold finish and extends the life and value of all RACHELMENT pieces.


“I want you to wear my pieces and feel confident in where you got them from, and why.”

Rachel G., Founder


What We Do

We sell beautiful, timeless, and high-quality jewelry that bridges the gap between fashion and fine jewelry pieces. 

RACHELMENT pieces are modern classics, enabling its’ wearers to style them as needed. Our jewelry is carefully created and produced, and we ensure that they are durable and will stand normal wear and tear. It is also conscious of individuals with skin sensitivities- all RACHELMENT pieces are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

 All pieces are selected to meet specific standards: dainty, designed with a true and unique function, specially crafted with attention to detail, genuine gold finish, safe for sensitive skin, and always a step further in terms of finishing touches.

In addition to the staple pieces that are always in stock, RACHELMENT creates limited edition, highly exclusive pieces. We believe that in order to keep with our mission and value statements, exclusivity and rarity are a necessary part of building a legacy and maintaining a distinctive brand.



Who We Serve
No matter their background, age, knowledge, or experience, we believe that every individual is unique and has their own identity and personal style. Follow your instincts and select the pieces that speak to you the most- create your own style.

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