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  • Cassandra N.

    I got my wedding jewelry all gifted to me from my family members. They were all from Rachelment and I couldn’t be happier. I wore them on my wedding day: perfect pear earrings, bride bracelet, oval necklace. I loved every single piece and I can’t wait to get the photos and tag you guys! Thank you for making bridal jewelry.

  • Hannah

    I love the pieces that I have. I have the Rebecca and Ivy bands and I get so many compliments! I love how sparkly and comfortable they are and no snagging on things!
    I had a stone missing and they worked with me on getting something worked out. They responded in a timely manner and were very kind and helpful.

  • Mariah

    I only get my jewelry from Rachelment! The prices are so fair for the quality and I love knowing my pieces won’t tarnish! I always get compliments too. The customer service is amazing as well-they always get back to me in a timely manner. Also never had a problem with their pieces just needed a new size:) They were awesome about it! LOVE them!

  • Maureen

    Love love love RMTL! Each jewelry is a work of art at the highest level of quality. And the packaging is so chic and elegant! I’m obsessed with my earrings- Molly, Sarah and Chloe hoops! You have to have AT LEAST one pair of RMTL earrings ;)

  • Rani Robinett

    Rachelment is an amazing company with excellent products and customer service. Finding both of the latter these days is difficult to come across, and I truly appreciate their prompt responses and true pride in their product line.

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