There are an abundance of ways to be mindful. As a higher degree holder in Psychology, I wanted to take the time to add something valuable to your life as your visit my website and pick your next piece to add to your RMTL collection.


NUMBER ONE: Gratitude 

Gratitude is something we hear about often. It’s like everyone preaches about it, and knows about it, but how many of us really take the time to make it a part of our lives every day? If you really think about it, it takes about the same amount of time as putting on your jewelry. Let’s start a new ritual: when you put on your RMTL jewelry every day, take those minutes to really be grateful for something or someone. Gratitude harnesses mindfulness not only by making you feel grounded, but also on a chemical level. 



Embracing relaxation seems to be, from personal experience and observation, easier said than done. Think about the last time you really relaxed. No multitasking, no list of things that need to be done— just pure relaxation. I hope something comes to mind. Now, how easy is it to embrace it? Sometimes we may feel guilty, or like we’re wasting time relaxing because we could be doing other things (like working, or socializing). Oh the contrary— to succeed in other aspects of our lives, we must relax… we must recuperate, and we must do them with no strings attached. Relaxation is an ally to mindfulness. 



Increasing mindfulness means increasing awareness. Notice the things around you- small and large. Notice the way your eyelids sit as you read this. Notice if your back is straight, or you are slouching. Notice the way you feet may feel on the ground, or your back on your chair. The same goes for pain— yes, pain. Learn to notice pain as well, because that way you can offer yourself compassion and kindness.


Practice one or all of them, and become a more mindful person.