You purchased the best of the best- RMTL. Now you want to know how you can increase the longevity of your luxurious pieces, and clean them when necessary. We’ve compiled a list of tips for taking care of your demi-fine jewelry.



  1. Avoid harsh chemicals (household cleaning supplies, product chemicals, perfumes, saltwater, etc.). TIP: Put your jewelry on last when you’re getting ready— that way, you don’t accidentally spray your perfume or get lotion on it.

  2. Avoid extreme humidity. Harsh and extensive heat mixes with water can have a damaging effect on your jewelry. Avoid the steam room if you can.

  3. For a touch up, use your jewelry care cloth that comes with every RMTL purchase. For a mild cleaning, use gentle soap and warm water to wash your jewelry (you can soak it for 5-10 minutes also, for a sure-clean. For a deep clean, purchase a gold + silver jewelry cleaner at your local store or online and follow the instructions given.

  4. Storage is key. Keep your jewelry in a lined box (your RMTL one is perfect) to avoid scratches.

  5. Jewelry is delicate by nature. Treat it as such and it will last you longer than you may even think.

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